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Default Re: My 2nd ever twisted boutique bow.. better? Please review

Originally Posted by paula123 View Post
you are one bow making woman! those look great! the orange for freehand trying to learn is FANTASTIC!!!

I have a friend that i have tried to teach how to make this bow and even bought her all kinds of templates to learn from, she just CAN'T get it at all!

Keep up the good work girl, this looks awesome, put a covered clip on the back and a ribbon center on it and sell it!
Thanks so much Paula! All the bows in this thread are free-hand Some are larger than others (4" vs 3") but they're all from the figure 8 method.

Originally Posted by saurey08 View Post
I use the BBM as well and I find that the twisted is still hard to get!! My loops always come out weird sometimes but if I give up and come back they come out perfect in 2 mins so I'm assuming I have to be grumpy when I'm making a twisted bow ha ha. I love your bow tho it looks great keep practicing!!
I tried the BBM on my first bow, but I really struggled with it (not saying anything against the BBM, it's a great tool!). So I decided to try freehand for these 3

Originally Posted by marsupialr85 View Post
LOOKS GOOD!!!! i really hoped i could help out.. keep it up
Hey girl, you sure did!

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
It looks pretty awesome to me! I have only had one go at a twisted with a home made template. I might give the figure 8 technique a go! Is that how you get both your tails to be 'inside' your bow?
You know, I really wish I could answer you. I must be doing something wrong that causes that... but I don't know what it is?
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