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Default Re: Is this what my double layered bow should look like??

Originally Posted by LittleTrends View Post
Ok first of all I JUST placed an order there and now I realized they have the large salon clips I've been looking for. Aarrgghh. I guess I'll have to go out to a store and see if they have.

Second -- WOW! I never knew they had tutorials! I wish I would've seen her woven headband tut before I started mine... I had SUCH a hard time with those and her steps look so simple. Well, the good news is that there's a whole world to bowmaking out there... that means I won't get too bored before my business has a chance to pick up

I don't know what you bought from there, but you can probably find it cheaper. I hate to tell you that now that you already bought it, but it's true. My first HUGE order was from there and I spent more than I should have. Live and learn, right??

As for the big clips, go to your local Sally's. They sell a 6 pack for around $2.

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