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Default Re: My 2nd ever twisted boutique bow.. better? Please review

Originally Posted by ordi5103 View Post
Yeah, don't be afraid to move them around. I jerk them this way and that. I also hold them certain ways while I use the hairdryer on them after starching. I used to not touch them, but realized you had to.
I am reluctant to touch them.. I'll try and get past that

Originally Posted by BlueGoose View Post
See I knew you could do it!! Good for you for sticking to it!!
Thanks BlueGoose! I hope they're better than my first one lol

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
Okay, I am by no means a twisted bow expert, but here's a pic of 3 bows, all made with 7/8" ribbon, all apx. 3" wide (within 1/8") but they look quite a bit different. I made them all without tails, like yours, if you want to add tails I'd add 1 1/2-2 1/2 inches (totally personal preference!). Just by changine the length slightly, you can change the look to suit whatever you prefer. Please excuse my bows in the raw & I hope this explains my babbling a little better, lol!

Oh & the lengths of the ribbon I used for each bow is written underneath them.
Wow, there is a difference! I think I'll try making your middle one next. Thanks so much for posting this for us Christine ~ it's VERY helpful!
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