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Default Re: My 2nd ever twisted boutique bow.. better? Please review

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Aw, thanks hon

Your a sweetie ~ thanks Paula!

Hmm.. push out the back of the bottom two loops... Thanks hon! I'll have to try that on bow #3

You're too kind ~ thanks ordi!

You mean make a smaller bow? Is that what you mean by shorten the ribbon? What would be a good length for me to try next time?
Well, it might be a tad smaller. I've found that by finding the perfect length of ribbon - you get a perkier bow without really having a size change. When my camera is finished charging, I'll take a pic. But you can make two bows, say with 7/8" ribbon for both & you want to end up with a 3" twisted bow. If you use 24" for one, you can get a nice 3" bow, but if you use 22" on another, it still can measure 3" but will be a little more full looking. I'm terrible at explaining things, lol. I'll try to get a picture loaded tonight to explain for me!
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