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Default Re: My 2nd ever twisted boutique bow.. better? Please review

Originally Posted by ejbryant View Post
looks lovely!!!
Aw, thanks hon

Originally Posted by paula123 View Post
girl! that is FANTASTIC!!! keep up the good work, hugs, paula
Your a sweetie ~ thanks Paula!

Originally Posted by SunflowerHouse View Post
I think it's time for your party!! Only thing I would do is push out the back of the bottom two loops to push the front forward a little bit. . . KWIM? I had to start with tying, then move to sewing - great job on not giving up!
Hmm.. push out the back of the bottom two loops... Thanks hon! I'll have to try that on bow #3

Originally Posted by ordi5103 View Post
WOOHOO!!! Great job!!!
You're too kind ~ thanks ordi!

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
Great job! I think if you shorten the ribbon just a smidge, the loops might be a little more perky. But it definitely is looking like a twisted!
You mean make a smaller bow? Is that what you mean by shorten the ribbon? What would be a good length for me to try next time?
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