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Default Re: Twisted bow help

Originally Posted by Krysia View Post
You got it. It does get confusing when people use "boutique bow" and "twisted boutique bow" interchangeably, as they're not the same thing.
It is confusing! I remember when I first started reading about them, it didn't make sense to me.

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
I'm still having a hard time getting my twisted bows twisty. I'm doing it the Figure 8 way, I just can't seem to get the hang of wrapping it around something and then pulling it apart. I think it's because I'm not sure what length I should have for the width of the ribbon etc etc.

I bought a bunch of ribbon from Walmart that was $1 for 5yards. I use that as my practice ribbon so I don't use up the good stuff
Do a search here and on the net for "ribbon recipes" and you should find some length formulas.

For a 4" twisted boutique bow I used 26" of 7/8" wide ribbon
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