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Default Re: Bottle cap experts I need ur help!

Originally Posted by marsupialr85 View Post
Thanks Heather great tips!!!! I have a quick question. How the heck do you get the image not to smear???? am i applying to much resin??? i have the diamond glaze??? am i supposed to water it down??? I dont sell any caps just make bows for fun for my 2 girls I havent had a successful cap yet so i have to buy them

Thanks Marcie
Definitely want to put them on photo paper ~ and not print them yourself unless you have a laser printer. I printed some of my own at first and they smeared like crazy. Now I get them printed and everything is great.

Originally Posted by s_hernandez402 View Post
I tried some yesterday and I have alot of teeny tiny bubbles, like once youmix it and they never went away. Do I have to let the mixture sit awhile before pouring them?
There is always a bunch of little bubbles when you pour it on ~ as in the kind that look like you shook up a bottle of soda. Just let them sit for a minute and blow on them. If they don't disappear when you blow with a straw, I do this. Stand over them, take a deep breath (before you bend over), and blow on them like you are blowing on your hands to warm them up. The heat from your breath should make them disappear. That one always works for me. (Just try to not breathe the fumes ~ they can't be good for you!! )
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