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Originally Posted by VioletDaisy View Post
Well I'm a newbie, but from what I have been reading on the forum here, people are attaching the silk flowers to lined alligator clips. Then you can clip them right on a headband or hat and still be able to switch it out for other colors to go with different outfits. You can find a simple tutorial for lined clippies here: This Is The Year: Lined clippie tutorial

Then with your silk flower, pull the stem off, pull off the hard plastic green part that holds the flower parts together (I'm sure it has a real name but I don't know what it is!), and basically dissect your flower. Put it together again (minus the stem & the green part holding it together) and hot glue in between layers. Cut off the tiny bit of round stem that is left over. Let it cool off all theway, then add hot glue to the back of the flower or your clippie where you want to attach the flower to the clippie. Apply clippie to flower where the glue is (I know, duh, right?) and voila!! You have a flower clippie! Now you can put it directly in their hair, on a headband, or hat, or whatever! HTH!!!
I know this is an old thread, but violet your directions make it sound like something I could do I'm going to try my hand at flower clippies (thank you for your great instructions!)
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