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Default Re: My first twisted boutique bow.. please review

Originally Posted by my2squirrels View Post
It looks like you are almost there! I can't do mine by sewing. I bought Daisy's tut and have tried to mimic her technique over and over. However, I can get mine right by tying them. Have you tried that? I use a figure 8 fold and then use my gator bite to tie them off with embroidery floss.
I do have that on my "things to try when making a twisted boutique bow" list! lol (honestly, I *really do* have a list... how lame am I?) I'm going to try tying one this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Originally Posted by jessicasbowtique View Post
I agree with everyone else. All it looks like to me is your crease needs to be more on top. LOL!! I'm not one to talk. My DH bought me the bbm for christmas. I made bows with them and posted. To my dismay I was told they were backwards.
I fixed them though and reposted it and everybody said I had it. Keep practicing. maybe pull tighter and manipulate the bow. Idk if it's me but I find it easier to manipulate the bow if I bake and starch it first. I don't bake it long the first time. Only 5min on 250 degrees. Then after manipulating it I restarch and bake longer. HTH.
Thanks Jess! I'm definitely going to work on the crease And thanks for the suggestion about baking first (I need all the help I can get! lol )

Originally Posted by carswayman View Post
When you adjust your creasing, make sure the top and bottom of the ribbons edge fold towards the back. I have started making sure of this and my twisted bows look so much betterh. Good start.
That's a great tip cars! Thank you! I will double ck that I'm doing that!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Excellent tip!!!

Maxine...if you look carefully at the tips I sent you, you will see that I don't sew mine (sort of). I use the needle and thread to help keep my ribbon together so it won't slide around and then pull it through to wrap it.
Yes, I did see that I think maybe the sewing is working against me? I mean, if I sew it wrong in the beginning, then no amount of ribbon manipulation is going to help.

Originally Posted by kellykelly View Post
I'm impressed!!! You should see my first like 20 twisted ones...HAHH I'm still working on it. I think probably the toughest bow I've tried! It helps to have a photo next to you and make sure you are on track with the loops and center. Great work!!
Thanks kelly! Yes, I did want to work with the BBM image right in front of me because I thought that would help. I watched the video a dozen times but I just can't quite get it right (not yet at least, I'm going to keep trying though!)
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