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Default Re: Any ideas on how to make this cheer bow?

Oh wow I just saw CheerBowCouture's

bows! I'm not sure how she comes up with that...the one with all the lines on it must have taken so much time. But its encouraging to see that you can create some cool things if you take the time with cheer bows!

Thanks for the suggestions on the bows with the tails behind. I'll keep working on it using the tails as separate pieces...I think I just need to work on the folding technique at the center of the tails to make them sit closer together instead of so far spread apart (but you're right that is a style that they can wear them as too!)

Very cool stuff. I'm going to oooh and ahhh over more of CheerBowCouture's designs now and see what kind of things it can inspire me to try! The layers are pretty fun...just takes a bit of time! I can't plan out things ahead of time like she does, I just create...but then its really tough to ever re-create and make dozens of the same one. So working on that!!
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