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Default Re: My first twisted boutique bow.. please review

Originally Posted by pojini View Post
I think this looks good! I don't even use my BBM Twisted....could never get the bow to look right. I now use one that another HG posted from a video, and it works great for me.
I really want to make it work with the BBM. If all else fails, I'll try hand folding next. I think I remember the video you're talking about. Congrats that you found something that works for you!

Originally Posted by JustDaisy View Post
I think it is your sewing part.....but I think it looks great so far.
Girl, your bows are pure perfection!

I'm not sure how else to do the sewing part though? I followed the instructions in the BBM video... 3 stitches. Should I be making more of them?

Originally Posted by tabbi0120 View Post
i think it looks pretty darn good!
Thanks tabbi, you're sweet

Originally Posted by lahrynsbowtique View Post
I think it looks pretty good!
Thanks hon... I appreciate your vote of confidence!
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