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Default Re: My first twisted boutique bow.. please review

Originally Posted by Tess9737 View Post
As far creasing, I do an "M" and I was thinking you need to pinch a bit more ribbon in the crease. A thicker fold for the top and the bottom may help This probably makes no sense at all, lol!
LoL! Ah, yes! I think I understand what you mean.. I should pinch some more of the ribbon part in the middle. I'm definitely going to try that this weekend (when/if I get up enough nerve to try this again lol)

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
Well, I would settle for your bow right now!! I think it looks pretty good. When I make them, one side looks OK, and the other is just off. Wish I understood that crease thing. I will pay attention the next time I make one. I would say you are well on your way!!
You're much to kind! I know what you mean about one side being off.. me too!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Sometimes I have to do some adjusting to make them look right.
Girl, I *wish* I had your skill!
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