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Default Need to buy snap clips wholesale! HELP!

Hello all!
I am what you can call a wall creeper here. I browse and love what everyone posts. I just started a business making hair accessories and am pretty lost with a lot of it but have struggled to find my way. A lot of the articles that I have read on here have helped with numerous things. I am hoping that you all can help me out in the dilema of mine.

I have done a lot of searching through google and went through a few wholesale sites that I purchase other items from, but I can't seem to find anywhere that I can purchase more than 40 snap clips at a time.

I am looking to purchase about 200-500 at a time of the 50mm and 30mm snap clips. Can anyone suggest any sites to search for assistance with this purchase?

If you have any info on french barrette clips, that would be helpful too! I have not yet looked into french barrettes just yet since snap clips seem to be more popular in my sells currently.

Thank you all!!
Ms. Double A Amber
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