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Default Re: My first twisted boutique bow.. please review

Originally Posted by Tess9737 View Post
Ok, I think its pretty close - I'd say you may want to make your top and bottom crease a bit larger. For instance, the middle crease looks good but the other two creases look like a smaller amount of ribbon is creased. Also, manipulate the ribbon to bend in like the template pic. Then starch/bake and it should hold its shape.
You know, I've been fussing with this thing for so long that I can't remember if I creased it "M" or "W" (?) That makes a difference right? How do I make a crease bigger?

I manipulated this ribbon to death! lol This is the result I kept getting (sigh).

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Almost there!!! Keep practicing!!!! I promise you it will all come together for you after you do it several times.
I feel the bow is like the girl that just missed being pretty lolol
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