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Default Re: Any ideas on how to make this cheer bow?

I believe that bow is two separate pieces. The loops are one piece and the tails another. It allows for flexibility when wearing the bow. Making bows that way, you can wear them with the tails in the front like a normal cheer bow or you can place the ponytail further back and wear the tails to either side of the pony. Check out under under bow sizing and styling. There you will see how it works. I believe their version of it is called the "double cupie". HTH and Good luck.

Originally Posted by kellykelly View Post
Thanks! I've been doing the standard ones for quite some time. Just looking at the less popular styles now and trying to play around with them. Just experimenting and seeing what I can come up with. But sometimes just can't get it! Like this one from where it seems that the tails are BEHIND the bow. The closest I can get is doing the basic cheer bow and using the back side of it! I even tried to make the bow and tails 2 separate parts but the tails were way too fanned out!

Also, found these instructions that might be the same thing but can't tell if the tails really are both behind the bow....tried to mess around with it but the instructions just weren't that detailed

Do you ever make cheerleading bows with the tails behind?

So funny the other night I was relaxing in the bath and had an idea of how I could do this bow I attached a photo of so I asked my hubby to bring in a foot of ribbon so I could play with it before I got out and forgot. He was so cute...cut it and brought it to me heat sealed and all! I must make too many bows if even my hubby knows what to do with ribbon so it doesn't fray!
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