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Default Re: PLEASE Help with Paint!

Originally Posted by cupcakecutie View Post
I have and am trying to learn to use it. I love picnik, but I always want to use the premium features and don't use it enough anymore to justify paying for it.

I can tell you that to make your font transparent you need to make sure that your text is in a different layer, click on layers, then layer properties, and then at the bottom of the pop up there will be a slider to adjust your opacity.

I haven't figured out how or even if you can blur the edges of a photo (I don't think you can), but if you click on Effects, then photo, you can soften and adjust how much you soften.

Hope it helps a little bit anyway!
THANK YOU! I actually found that, but then when I went to make the text transparent, it looked like it was actually making my picture transparent, and I couldn't get it to do just my text. What did i do wrong??
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