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Default Re: orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

Originally Posted by Blingmom View Post
I don't understand the point in a game, why not just have a website where people purchase? FB has an ETSY plug in that's wonderful.

well i do the comment game because i havent gotten my site up just yet. and this was a way to kinda get rid of some things that were seasonal and some things that werent sellin very well. also i didnt have anymore shows for the rest of the year so i wanted to make some money before xmas!! first off i pick a date to do the game and let ALL my fans know the date and time then they have to be on to play, i discount the items that im listing and then i post them to my wall, and say that i have 2 of these avalible at "x" amount and first 2 that post sold gets it..... i think its a thrill thing, have you ever been to an auction?? kinda like seeing someone else getting stuff so you want to too.... or kinda like who can get it first... lol understand???
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