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Default Re: Do you give away items???

I give some away and I monogram for some at no cost. My immediate family I do not charge at all. My dd and a couple of her closest friends I make things for all the time. When I make something for dd they will say Mrs. Rene' will you make me one. They don't expect it though and neither do thier parents. I have dear friends that I would never charge- they have been their and done things for me and this is just a small token. It all balances out. I had a lady that I have known all my life that lives in the same neighborhood as my mom and lived there the whole time that I was growing up. I played at her house and am friends with her daughters. She asked me to monogram a quilt square for her and to put a picture on it for her (it was a project that a group that she belongs to was doing) I did it for her and did not charge. When I told her that I was not charging her, she said the she did not intend for me not to charge her. My response to her was that I remember all the times playing and eating at her house and her taking us to the Fair every fall and paying for it. Those are the things in life that you don't ever forget. I told her that I have never forgotten those things. When you give a few here or there and if you are able to, I don't think it hurts anything and like the others said it's advertisement for you. And if you are not able to then that's okay also.

Now with saying that, you have to get some money every now and then or least I do because by no means do I have the money to hand out gifts all the time, but a few here or there if you have extra or have had a really good month shouldn't hurt.

Okay, I'm stopping I didn't mean to write a book.

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