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Default Re: orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

Originally Posted by doggie View Post
mmmm...she has the right to change her mind and yes I would send the other items to her. She is a customer and hopefully a repeated customer. Kinda like leaving a store because you forgot your credit card and told yourself you will be back tomorrow to buy it. Tomorrow comes and really didnt need that after all. Payment should be paid within 24hrs for serious buyers. Checks being mailed...make the items when you receive the check.

I don't think a comment game is the same as a shopping experience. When person A doesn't follow the rules, the rest of us trying to play the game fairly lose out. I could have won those items myself and actually followed thru with the purchase.

Or, I could decide that the host of the game is loosy goosey with her rules and decide not to bother playing her games anymore.

Either way, yes, she has the right to change her mind, and I would have the right not to let her play again.
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