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Default Re: White bg VS. Natural Background

I would say it depends on how you want your site to look & the age of the model vs. the season....

I have one girl that has a very precise and uniform website, and i will be photographing newborns wearing her items on a complete white background for her to keep the clean cut images on her etsy site.

Most of my boutiques prefer the solid background usually white or at least all against one color, some like outdoor photos or a nice floor & backdrop combo. The solid white is a more uniform look and is very focused on the model & item modeled. If you have some pictures of models on diff colors of backgrounds, or some against both sold backgrounds & background/floor combos, sometimes it makes it look sloppy. It depends on if its being used for etsy, facebook, or a real website.

Most boutiques like to keep a similar theme, because unlike photography sites, where the different backgrounds & props showcase their work as well as what they have available to work with, boutiques are trying to showcase their items being worn, not where they are being worn.

Unfortunately it is single digits here at this time of year so outdoor is not an option for outdoor pictures unless the models are older. For the boutiques that prefer younger girls, outdoor pictures are impossible during the winter season if they live in a place such as where i do.

No matter what, the photos should consist of the model, the items modeled, and little else.... the more props and accessories in the photo, the more it takes away from the modeled item itself. Getting all glammed up and adding tons of boxes and boas and beads to a photo can look cute, but the more clutter/accesories/props, the more the focus turns to the photo and model as a whole, not the product itself. Sometimes asking for one of each photo types is nice. Then you can have something for a social site like facebook, and something for a more professional one like a business site or an etsy site, etc...