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Default Re: First classic bow.. opinions please?

First of all, you girls are all very, very sweet. Thanks so much for your kind words and comments It means a lot to me

Originally Posted by momof5 View Post
gosh maxine, do you do anything bad? every bow i see from you is perfect!
LoL! Now THIS is funny! You should see me over here struggling to make a twisted boutique! It's a disaster! lol

Originally Posted by mylittlemonsters View Post
Your bow is great!! I love the added touch of the korkers!
Aw, thanks! They were laying right next to the template on my work area so I thought.. hmm.. let's add them!

Originally Posted by garfield615 View Post
cute! how do you like the templates? i am on the fence about buying them.
Right now, I'm only using the classic bow template and... seeing as how the bow up above really and truly was my first attempt... the template must be pretty good! However, I'm not having any luck at all with the twisted boutique template
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