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Default Re: orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

thank you!! thats what i was going to do.
heres what i had in my rules....

Heres the rules~ please bear with me since this is my first time i kinda want to try a few things out to see what will work best for next time.

ok here is how the game will work~
i will post pics in a file named~comment game 11/10~
then i will post the price and how many of each are avalible, then you will post "sold" if you wish to buy it. if there is more that one avalible then you can choose how many you would like to buy and post "sold x2 or whastever"
please read the caption on each post, i might try a few where ex. comment #6 gets it...

Please only post if you really want it and intend on paying!!! if you do not pay this may result in being banned from future games, hate to do that but it may prevent someone who really wants that deal to miss out. payment must be made within 24hrs through paypal unless you have made prior arrangements with me.

The prices listed DO NOT include shipping. Local pickup is available. If your items need to be shipped there will be a fee of $3 for the 1st item and then an additional .50 cents for each item you claim after that. I will cap the shipping fees off at $7.00 Anything over that I will pay the difference!

For example: If you claim 4 items your shipping total would be $4.50
$3.00+.50+.50+.50= $4.50

we will have a couple "freebies" but to win a freebie you must have bought an item. there will be no shipping on the freebie items.

#1 rule is to
and no drama i know we dont have to worry about that!!!

any questions please ask me before you play!!!
thanks Heidi

do you think its clear? and im pretty sure she read it since i posted several times that they needed to reed the rules before they played and she then messaged me about not having pp...
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