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Default Re: orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

if i catch people deleting bids i ban then from my games cause if someone sees that someone already posted SOLD on it and was interested in it then they didnt get a chance to bid on it. If they say they are gonna pay for something and never do pay or back out of it i ban them as well from any games i hold. if you posted clearly on your page about not bidding unless you are serious about buying then they know the rules and have to follow with them rules.

i did it and it has actually helped in a few cases. i have a note on my page that i put their name on if they havent paid and they see thier name on there. they want to fix it so that they can continue to purchase with you and they ask if they can resend payment.

Its not fair to you that you set aside something especially seasonal that they say they are gonna pay for and then back out of it after the season is over so you cant sell them.
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