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Default orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

posted this in the FB section but really need some help so i hope its ok that i post here.
ok so i need some help, i did a comment game on FB and had one girl comment on a few pics, well she told before the game me she didnt have pp so i told her she could mail a check but i wouldnt send the items till payment was recieved & she was fine with that. she commented on some snowmen clips, christmas clips and a set of orange classics.... well this was dec 9th and i sent her the total & my address and never heard anything so i messaged her the other day asking her what her plan was with the items she ordered ..... she replies that she doesnt nee the christmas items since she sold her dd's christmas clothes but she would get the others....

ok my question should i still send the other items to her?? i stated in my rules that all orders must be paid for within 24hrs and to only bid if you really wanted it and intended on paying for it.

i also had one lady that night post sold on almost everything only to go back and delete her comment on a few since she had gotten other items... what do you do there????

thanks ladies i really need some help on this one.
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