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Originally Posted by midgetinvasion View Post
If your paypal is attached to your bank account, then if someone hacks into your account and buys things, it will pull all the money from your bank account to cover it.
This is exactly what happened to us in August. The hacker bought mp3's from two different websites and spent $1200+ dollars I about pooped my pants when I found out the paypal emails I got showing my "recent purchases" weren't spam emails. I thought they were so I deleted them and a day later went on my bank website and saw what they had done. Thankfully I got all the money back.

Originally Posted by TieDyesnButterflies View Post
Wow, that really stinks. I think I will go in and edit out my pp address from my posts (if it'll let me) just to be on the safe side & then only PM it from now on if I buy something.

Some people work so hard at doing awful things. Just think what positive things they could do if they would put their minds on good things instead!! I hope everything gets straightened out for you quickly!
I edited my posts not too long ago too, unfortunately when people quote you with your email, it's hard to get them to edit their post just to do you a favor I will definitely be pm'ing my email from now on and am about to buy a security key card! Thanks, Gr82cre8 for the info on that!

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