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Originally Posted by richardson42 View Post
I am fine with Richardson - that is my name too, just the end of it. The rest of my name is Jessica.
I never intended on making tutus, I just kind of fell into it when I realized I was a terrible bowmaker.
Probably the saddest part of the whole thing is my daughter doesn't like tutus anymore because I make her wear them for pics. Go figure.
Jessica, you made me laugh! If I could make tutus like you, I'd never think of trying to make a bow! Girl, you have serious skill and talent ~

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
3 or 4 hours??!!! Wow, that makes me feel better, but yours are beautiful.

Tee, hee, hee...I didn't realize we were still posting on this thread. I finally made a couple here is one of my favorite. I made this one for an 8 year old over a year ago and I haven't made one since. It took so long (2 hours) and I was
Gorgeous, love it!
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