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Originally Posted by Gr82cre8 View Post
My PayPal account was hijacked about two years ago and I sympathize with you. It was a hassle, but I did get the money ($600+) returned to my account.

As a precaution, I got a PayPal Security Key (now called a security key card). I haven't had a problem since! No one can hack into your account because in addition to your password, they would have to have the security key card in their possession.

Here's how it works:

1. Put your password in.
2. Before you press ENTER, press your security key card for a 6-digit code and enter those number immediately after your password.
3. Press ENTER

PayPal verifies the password and security-key-generated digit code, then logs you in to your account.

The key is FREE, I believe. For more info, go to PayPal and do a Help search on "security key card".

Hope you and others find it helpful.

Thanks for this! I went and checked it out and registered for the mobile one, it will text me a security code each time I need to make a payment I had my pp hacked by an ex-roommate who quickly emptied my bank accounts.
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