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Default Re: Need Models and Photographers!

Originally Posted by JensAdoprionBlessings View Post
I have 4 girls in St. Louis, MO that I would love to volunteer to model- twins who turn 1 year on Saturday, a 5 year old, and an 8 year old. If you have a photographer in the area, I'd gladly work with her- please pm me if you are interested- we would do this all year...

I would love for them to model for boutiques for me sometime... My Studio is in Great Bend, KS... its a drive, but if you head this way I would love to have them. I get items from boutiques to model from all over the US, and i have been contacted by a very nice boutique in the UK that wants some of their items modeled. Since the drive would be a long one, if you came for a session, we could do all 4 of your girls at once, and as soon as the photos were ready I would mail you a cd with a release and you could print your own pictures, post them online, etc... I would also send info about the boutique(s) your girls modeled for. Its a long shot since I'm not that close like photographers in KC or so.. but if you're interested let me know
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