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Default Re: Bottle cap experts I need ur help!

Originally Posted by sxybunnyg View Post
Thanks so much Heather that was very helpful, i'm gonna get all my supplies together and see what I come up's been a long time
since ive been wanting to try it out but never have time or the stuff
to make them lol.

Do you bake your caps? ive heard people that does but why?

by the way "congratulations on your little one" she is beautiful I just
saw the pic you posted
Aww ~ thanks!! She is really something! Those 3 girls keep me on my toes.

I don't bake my caps. I just let them dry in the room ~ takes about 24-36 hours to cure completely. I've heard of baking them to get them to set faster. Makes me nervous, though. I'm thinking "fire hazard". Don't know about that for sure, though.

Oh ~ make sure you come back and check your caps at about 1-2 minutes and then again at 10-15 because there are always straggler bubbles that come up. I even check again around 1/2 hour later. If they are big ones (which the later ones are), you can pop them with a pin.

You doing okay?
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