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Default Re: Bottle cap experts I need ur help!

Originally Posted by ah4185 View Post
Hey girlie!! Long time, no talk!

I use ET Lite for my resin. Make sure that it isn't even remotely cool out otherwise it will get this "film" on it once it cures. If it is cool out, put the bottles in a bowl with warm water to warm up the resin and sealer first. That will take care of that.

I have all my images printed at Costco. Definitely need to have them printed on photo paper so the images don't smear.

The images need to have a high resolution otherwise they will be blurry. I make my own images so I can make sure they are clear.

I buy my split rings at Michaels.

I would HIGHLY recommend buying Thermo-Web to attach your images to the cap. I cut my circles out with my circle punch, peel off one side, stick it to the cap, peel off the other side, and stick the image on. I haven't gotten any air bubbles since that sneak out when you aren't looking and ruin your cap.

I use a straw to blow on the cap about 1-2 minutes after I pour the resin to pop the bubbles.

Hope that helps!
Thanks so much Heather that was very helpful, i'm gonna get all my supplies together and see what I come up's been a long time
since ive been wanting to try it out but never have time or the stuff
to make them lol.

Do you bake your caps? ive heard people that does but why?

by the way "congratulations on your little one" she is beautiful I just
saw the pic you posted
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