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Default Re: Twisted Bow? or just a twisted mess?

I have finally started to get these down. One thing someone told me that I thought I was already doing but I wasn't was angle your ribbon more!!! I think if you angle it more you will see a difference. Also your "Valleys" and "Hills" need to be dead on so that the ribbon meets right in the middle and it also helps to adjust your ribbon to make it lay right. If you don't know what I mean by that it is the ups and downs in your fold/crease. I start my folding at the bottom of the bow. I always use a "hill" first and then fold down then another hill till I have 3 hills and 2 valleys. When you do that it will make your very center crease a Hill. Here is a picture of mine so that maybe you can see what I am talking about... I tried to type it in but the words arent as visible as I thought they would be. Also I got my crease a little off(where I tied off so my bow looks a little bigger on one side. HTH

P.S The first box on the bottom left says hill and then the next valley then hill and so forth. Also where the star is at, that is what I was talking about if your crease(hills and valleys) are on then it will bring your ribbon closer together like its suppose to.
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