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Originally Posted by midgetinvasion View Post
Hackers have gotten very good at baiting people as well through email. Some of the emails they send these days look very legitimate, as well as the sites their emails send you to. (It's called phishing.)

One tip to combat this, is to never, ever, ever, ever, ever click on a link in an email from Paypal, whether you are sure it's actually from paypal or not. Just make it a habit, that when you want to sign in to paypal, open a new window or tab and type in paypal's address yourself, and log in that way.

You can't ever be "fished" if you do that.
It wasnt a email that I clicked on. I got a email saying my account had been froze due to unknown charges...please contact us at.....1-800---- to get your account back in good standings. So I went to paypal and got the number to make sure it was the right number....called it and went from there. I never ever click on a link in a email.
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