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Default Re: Walmart & bottlecap images

I think it really depends on the photo lab, I used to print at Walmart when I first started then they wouldn't let me print anything, even simple Alpha images! So I went to Walgreens and the one by my work gave me grief, I then started using the one by my MIL's job and they printed hundreds of sheets of all different stuff and never said anything then one day I get a phone call telling me they can't print them. So I started printing them at the Self serve at Sams and no issues (they don't see them). I didn't care for their quality so now I do 2 things if I need it right away I use the Walgreens by my house and if I am planning ahead I use Artscow. I just wait for a free shipping offer from Arts Cow! The Walgreens by my house hasn't said anything but I usually get a young guy that probly doesn't give a rats ARS about it! LOL

Good luck!
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