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Originally Posted by gngr78us View Post
So I didnt know where else to put this. Ladies please watch your paypal accounts. I am glad paypal alerted me of the 3500 charges to my bank account from my paypal account. It has taken alot of work to get my money back and this happened on DEC23. So you can imagine what it was like. I would suggest that everyone PM info from now on. I know I watch my account closely, and get emails alot from them, but they changed my address, spent 3500 and it was a mess. I hope no one else has to go through that. I am only saying this because other than here thats the only place I post my stuff. I am just saying please becareful its not fun to go through what I did.

Thanks for the warning. Something we should all be more carefull about and keep tabs on.
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