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Default Re: braided headband, I DID it!

10 minutes max to get it started and figure out what I was doing. It's kind of like how when you want to learn to crochet and you learn the chain stitch but never get beyond it lol...all you can do is the chain stitch...i've got this really long braided chain now, because it's so cool and fun and I keep playing with it. I just used some ribbon I had around that I got from walmart for 50c
a spool to use for my cards. I just unraveled the whole two spools (mini spools). So, once I get the proper glue etc. I will just cut off the little ends I stitched and start over. I think the hardest most time consuming part will be the ends, finishing up the braid. I haven't tried that yet, it looks a bit intimidating, but hot dog, I'm high on success!
give it a whirl! good luck!
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