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Default Re: Do you give away items???

I give them away as advertising. The DJ for a big radio station I used to listen to (it just recently was taken over and it SUCKS now) was having a baby (his wife was) so I emailed him and asked if I could send a few bows. They were so appreciative and she still orders bows from me often and it was over a year ago that I sent the bows because the baby wasn't even born yet. Anyone I have done that with doesn't expect to not have to pay for them if they want more. When Brynnley was with barely there hair and would have one in, I would have people ask me constantly where I got her bows and sometimes I would keep a few extras in the diaper bag and just give them out if I was asked. She was great advertisement-hehe.

My SIL has me make bows for my niece all the time and even if I just tell her the cost of supplies is OK, she's always offering to pay more because she said if I didn't make them she'd have to buy them for more anyway. I think you'll only get taken advantage of if you let people take advantage of you by giving away free ones.

One thing I will NOT do again is send free ones to someone who emails and asks me for them. I had a lady say she's opening a boutique...blah I sent her about 3 bows and never heard from her again. I have them in a few boutiques so that's why I didn't think much of it at the time, but now it's unfortunate that there are people like that out there that would lie and steal $3 bows!
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