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Default Re: My Little Princess!

I have 6-10 size 3T models I say 6-10, because 6 are strictly size 3T, others can fit in 2T-3T or 3T-4T depending on how its made...

I am in a large area with few photographers, and since i charge 25.00 and up a session i get a lot of little girls coming in each month and so i have tons of models of all ages and sizes!

I do the trading with boutiques so that
-they can get excellent quality modeled photos of their items
-the parents of the models can get good session prices and they tell their friends so i get more and more models
-the models get cute new things and a greater sense of pride and confidence and self-esteem because they are modeling for boutiques
-and i can keep my prices decent so that all the little girls, whether more or less fortunate than others, can all have the opportunity to come and get pictures taken!

By trading with boutiques and having the item or items come to me, all my little girls can have the opportunity to enjoy the item or items, unlike some of the pages on facebook where the parents pay to advertise their daughters to model, and the item goes to one model, whose parent is more than fortunate enough to just have purchased the items.
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