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Default braided headband, I DID it!

sort of First can I just say, I never realized until a week ago that 'bows' were such a big thing. You would not believe how many websites there are for them lol! I only found out because I was looking at a youtube video on how to tie pretty bows for my CARDS! I came across one for lacey's bowdacious bows or something to that affect that showed the cutest little hairbows. I went to look at them and about died at the price. After that it was a hunt to find diy, my older dd is 9 and not really into bows, and I wanted to try the cute braided headbands, but couldn't find any free instructions. i broke down and bought them off of here, but i kept staring at them, sure I couldn't do it. Tonite, I finally broke down and gave it a try and hot dog I did it! So, It's not perfect, not as tight as I'd like, I didn't seal the ribbon, and I didn't have any glue (so I tacked the initial loop down with a few stitches), it's not BEAUTIFUL, but I got it! and I am sure when I do it right and for Real, it will be awesome! yay me! I am so excited, and it is my First Bow project ever as I haven't made a single stinking thing yet. I keep looking on here, going OOOOO I want to make that, and that,.......tee hee!
ok, will finish up now, when dh brings the camera back, I will try to post a pic of the finished deal!
thanks for listening ladies, I know you understand....dh doesn't get it at all!
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