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Default Re: Need Models and Photographers!

I am a photographer.... I do full and partial trades with boutiques in return for a cd of photos of their items being modeled with a full release from myself and the parents of the child or children modeling the item, that way you have full rights to the photos and may do whatever you need with them. I have models of all ages, especially girls... If you are interested in trading services please contact me... [email protected]... I am also on facebook

Please Include:
* Description of items:
* Type of Service Needed: (Item Itself / Modeled / Both)
* Type of Service Returned: (Full Trade / Partial Trade / Payment)
* Age Group to be modeled by: (Newborn / _-_Months old / _-_Years old / Teen / Adult)
* # of models / item: (1, 2, 3, twins, triplets, siblings)
* Type of Photos for Item: (Single Pictures or Single Pictures and Collage)
* Business Name on Photos or Collages: (yes/no)
* Photos Watermarked © Ashley’s Photography: (yes/no)

Single Pictures / Collages

*Single Pictures
-Item unworn, not being modeled
-Close ups of a model wearing the item (works well for small items such as bows, flowers, or hats, whether its being modeled with or without an outfit)
-Full photos of a model wearing the item (works well for full outfits)

-Can be put together using several pictures of the modeled item / outfit
-Can include different types of shots; item alone, close up, full shot, etc…
-Can include writing; business name, description of item, price, etc…

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