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Default Re: How long does it take

Originally Posted by bella bambina View Post
To make your bows? Also do you make one bow at a time or do you sew bows one day line clips another and then finishe them another day? I have done both and I think I like sewing bows one day and finishing another but I line clips as I finish the bow. Either way I feel very slow!

Tell me what you all do please.
I've always wondered this, but I guess that means I'm slow, too
It takes 5-10 minutes to completely finish a basic bow.
Any stacked bows (2 twisted, spikes, and surrounds) takes me a minimum of 30 minutes (and that's fast for me)

I do an assembly line if I'm getting ready for a show. I usually cut ribbon and sew all my twisteds in one day. The next day I can do the spikes, surrounds, and assemble. The most I've ever attempted to take to one show was 23 stacked bows that took me 3 days and wore me out
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