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Default Twisted Bow? or just a twisted mess?

as part of the new year (and when I'm on holidays) I thought I would give 'bows' a go. I tried them once before but got totally frustrated and gave up pretty quickly. Ages ago I made my own templates out of card and decided to give them ago again following the video for the twisted bows by NBNG.

This is what I came out with. You'll have to excuse the crappy phone pics, I was too lazy to use my camera lol

The ribbon I used was only 15mm so a bit smaller than recommended but I prefer smaller-ish bows anyway. You can see how small the bow is by the first pic against my hand and I don't have huge hands.

The first two pics I was placing the bow with the outside tail the same as the tut but thought it looked weird so flipped it in the third pic and that looks a tad better but the tail points down.

So any tips...advice...dos and don'ts that you could give me? I really struggled with the making an 'X' but keeping the back pieces straight. Does straight mean in a straight line OR straight as in not all bunched up?
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