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Default Re: How long does it take

I do assembly line style too. I usually measure and wrap all my ribbons, pin centers.
Then I go back and make the bows and sew as I form each one.
Then I starch and bake bows (20 Minutes)
while they are baking, I am cutting spikes, then heat seal ends
Pull bows out of oven, let cool
Finish with spikes, do surrounding loops
Assemble and sew bow together.
Then attach clips to bows
then do centers on bows
embellish bows

This is when I am doing OTT bows.
If doing basic bows, then while they are baking, I usually line clips. I usually have a bunch of clips already lined as I do those as I sit in front of the tv or when I have a chance to sit and talk on phone. Usually have a bunch in black, white, pink and red. If I need other colors (based on what bows I am making) I'll do those as I need them, but I can usually get away with the 4 basic colors.

Hope this helps (or makes sense, LOL)

ETA: I guess I didn't answer original question LOL, When I do assembly line style, this usually is a 4-5 hour endeavor when I am working to build up inventory. If doing an order and only having to do a few at a time or even one at a time, I can do a basic twisted in 5 or so minutes. OTT take about 20-30 minutes. All of this doesn't include baking time (20 minutes)

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