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Default Re: First Pics w/ Floordrop and Backdrop

Originally Posted by sweetietie View Post
Oooh, so pretty! I've been trying to resist the temptation of buying the floors/backdrops, but they are calling my name - big time! Are they difficult to use? Are they pretty portable and easily storable? My house is starting to look like someone on that "Hoarders" show. I always watch that thinking, those people are crazy, how does their life get to that point? Umm, can we say, "kettle black"!!
They are really easy to store. You just roll them back up into the tube they were shipped in. My husband rigged up a setup for the backdrop (since it has to hang). Otherwise once you get that set up, they're very simple to use. I heard via Facebook that they're having a sale (I believe) starting Monday .
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