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Originally Posted by Meghan View Post
Those MLPonies and your unicorn are too cute! Great job. Im still cracking up about camelcorn though
Lol! I am too. My DH said it probably has some turtle genes in there too, heeheehee. I just started attempting to make a unicorn, and promised myself I would finish it, no matter how badly it was going. That was the result.

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Cool, cool, cool.

Here are some more links, mostly to unicorn's and horse's heads without instructions.

Being as stubborn as I am I spent waaaaay too much time looking for a pic of Wendy523's (aka Punky n Munky's) unicorn. Which I finally unearthed on her FB page under a ribbon sculpture tag, but only after I checked out the older ones. As it turns out it was of the head and looks similar to EmileeDesigns' horse head (free instructions are included in one of the HG links below).

Oh, to get to Wendy's unicorn sculpture you need to scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page.
Thank you so much for digging all of that up!
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