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Default My photography experience

Some of the user asking on my thread on hows these photo begin shoot. Maybe I should share it.

1. Getting a good camera is important.
My husband uses DSLR cano450D camera. I notice even nowadays the iPhone4 gives nice result photos. You might also want to google some research on how usually people do a product shoot.

2. Lights and reflector
We use a strong white light on top of it with a reflector as well. The reflector is to cut down the shadow on your photos. Since you are shooting a small item like hairclip, a aluminum foil can serve as a reflector. For all my clips, I only use 1 light sources, a reflector and camera. Cheap and affordable.

He also uses photoshop to crop the photos so that all of them are on the same size. Of course, some skill is needed to improve the quality of the products. I think planning this also part of the important process.

4. Mood and style
You need to define the style of your photos. Warm, clean or vintage. Choose a backdrop to fit your style. I uses white theme backdrop and emphasize on the closeup photos.

5.lastly, your creation must be good haa. This the most important part. All of your things I make comes with heart and soul.

Hope these help.
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