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Default Re: Does anyone know how to make this?

When I have done them I just take a piece of fabric and iron it in half and use my ruffle foot. So if I wanted a 3 inch wide I would cut 6 inches by say 30 inches (just a guess off the top for the length) and I would ruffle the raw edges together. Your button or whatever you pick for the center will cover your raw edges. It would just save a little time by not having to sew the sides and flip it.

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
I will tell you but you have to gift me $30... thanks.

Only kidding.. I think you could use this concept (in the tut below), except instead of leaving the fabric "shabby" you'd have to sew the raw ends together (like you would a sash on a dress). Make sense? I'd probably start w/ a strip of fabric that is 3", then sew the 2 raw edges together.. turn right side out IRON.. then do the following..

Love the link... it's a great flower!!
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