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Default Re: Ribbon Combo HELP!!!!

Originally Posted by tashanwrn View Post
How do you come up with combos for bows??? I get so caught up in picking out different colors/prints to go together and it's frustrating!!!! I spend most of my time trying to decide what "kind" of bow to make than actually making it!!!!! Do you pick a printed ribbon pattern and go from there???? My thing is though, I think well if I do a themed type bow who is gonna want it? I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm lacking inspiration! I've looked through Etsy trying to get ideas, but that gets tiring! I wanna jjust be able to come up with it in my head!!!!!!! Creativity has always been hard for me, because I over think things to much!!!!! Any help or suggestions is appreciated!
OMG! I'm the same way. In thinking too much about what colors to use I get anxiety Lol! I would ask my oldest daughter at times or just wait for that it factor to hit me. I was in JC Penny over the Christmas holiday and saw their Catalog. I loved the colors used on the cover and went home and made a bow. It's been my favorite since. I agree with the ladies, throw in a different color with the basics and see what you get or get out the crayons and make sets of colors.
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