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Default Re: Ribbon Combo HELP!!!!

Originally Posted by KeriHallman View Post
I know this sounds crazy but I work best and find color combos when my area is a mess. I have ribbon every where and it will just hit me!
I do the same Ribbon gets thrown around in the course of working and I notice color combinations when they are next to each other.

I also take note of color combinations (especially at Target since I am there all the time) when I do a quick check of the girls clothing. Gymboree also has adorable color combos too. I look on the Justice website for the older girls and what they are wearing.

Rabom has color combos on their site too. Click on a specific printed ribbon and all the coordinating ribbon will pop up when you do that.

Also...... I find that doing custom bows for friends inspires me a lot. I invite them over at the beginning of the season right after they just purchased new kid clothes and we coordinate ribbons to match outfits. This has helped inspire me a lot, cuz I tend to pick all the same color clothing for my DD's
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