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Default Re: Korkers that don't tear apart

I had this happen too. I got so behind I hired out some work and same thing I received them and was in such a hurry to get them on the clips for a show I just glanced and saw the thread. I sold quite a few...later when my daughter pulled hers apart and I inspected more closely 1 thread. Oh how I hope they didn't fall apart on my customers! I gave the rest to my kids to play with! they love to play with ribbon!

Originally Posted by Lexi's Mom View Post
I don't know that 10 stitches are necessary, LOL. However, I did buy some korkers as filler from another HG last year. They said they were sewn but they only did one stitch from front to back. (Imagine one thick thread through the stack with a knot on top and another on bottom). It was so embarassing when a few came back to me with pieces coming off the top! I had to take apart and resew the ones I still had left.
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