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Default Re: New business venture... Opinions please

Originally Posted by erinnoie View Post
A lot of photographers buy the poly paper or vinyl floor/backdrops. It's a great way to have a ton of wall options for clients!
I currently own 4 from PhotoProp and have one on the way from Lemondrop Stop ( ).
~these are the ones I own here~

A couple other places to get them are!/pages/Backdrops-Floordrops-by-Imajen/113638775367983
and some pricey ones here:!/pages/PepperLu/120081888034495

I'm guessing that you'll have to create a good size selection of wood floors / brick / wallpapers in high resolution files that will print well at the large sizes.
GL with the possible business venture. I think it's a great opportunity!
Great post erin ~ and I love your siggie pics!

Originally Posted by Luckycait View Post
Thanks so much for the info... as a photographer myself, I am the guinnie pig next week... I'll post pics
I look forward to seeing them (and welcome to HG!)
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